we can live like jack and sally if we want

Blink 182. Bud. EDM. Booty. Coffee. New York

High I'm Bec

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DWB glass

damn I remember trying to get a custom DWB before they went down the shitter


i just realized the one in the back is a fucking vapor globe and now im weeping so so hard all over

Photographer | JE

"Look at me while you cum."

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So this is probably the most favorite .gif(s) I made thus far…. Some Sovereignty Peyote Pillar Action for you all today.

There is no words to describe the functionality this piece offers. I have yet to encounter anything that remotely rips like this bad boy does. If you have yet to take a snap out of a peyote pillar, I strongly recommend you locate somebody who owns one and get in on a session; Because you are definitely missing out!

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